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A student in my 7th grade class would like to do more than what is offered in instruction in either CS Discoveries or CS Principles. She is building a photo app contest:

  1. Does the text input fields work to create a data table?
  2. Can a user upload their photos while using the app?

Thanks in advance. Can’t wait to hear back.


Can you elaborate a little on the first question? This may help though. Here’s a link to the documentation on using data sets in App Lab.

Your 2nd question, the answer is yes. Here’s a link to a youtube video with more information on the different ways that images can be added to applab.

Good luck!



I reread your 2nd question. If you are asking if it’s possible to create an upload feature in the app so the user can upload a photo, I don’t think so. I’m going to ask another person I know to see if they may have a definitive answer.


Yea that’s the question. I know how to add an image to the app in design mode.

if you looked in the design section of applab you can find this icon
which will function as intended for uploading media…
you can also use write for an <input> tag within the html if they plan to challenge themselves though i believe this is what you were looking for @abramss

Best Varrience

One further note on Photo Select:

This may not be available in the scaffolded levels in the CS Discoveries or CS Principles units. If they’re not visible for the particular level your student is on, you may encourage her to start a new project from the main AppLab page and import any existing content into the new project.

Let us know when she’s done – we’d love to see it!
–Michael K.

Yes thank you so much! We always go
Yo applab after the “training” so we have access to everything. I can’t wait to tell her. I also have a few advanced students working on the data table part. I love when my students stretch me.


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