Is this feature possible?

One of my students wants to add the capability for the user to upload an image and be able to display it on the webpage. Is this possible in code studio?


Yes, on the left hand side, next to “Add HTML” is “Add CSS” and “Add Image”. The student can then upload their image and it will show up on the left side navigation. Once the student starts typing < img src=" Web Lab will give suggestions and one should be that file name. If it doesn’t, have the student try in another browser and if it still doesn’t work, submit a bug report.

Hope that helps!


We are aware that the student can add an image. What he wants is yhe users to have the cspability to add images. Is that possible?

That’s super interesting. It seems like you’d need some javascript for that and from what I remember, javascript doesn’t always play nice with weblab.

Seems more like something to do in app lab.

Maybe @elizabeth_admin will chime in.

There’s not a way for people who are viewing the website to add images. We are careful about the types of scripting that we allow because of security reasons, so in general Web Lab only allows static web pages.