Some questions from a veteran teacher taking on computer science for the first time!

  1. When on how can I show the students how to view their entire website outside of the consistent without the instructions, the checklist, and all of the various things that can be added?

  2. Where will we find the actual web address that the students will find their site located at?

  3. When using the creative commons licensing, what is the best way to have my students search for something and where would they find what license is protecting the content?

  4. If my students wanted to upload a video, what would the HTML tag be used for that?

  5. How do we control the size of images we are putting on the web page?


Welcome and happy to hear you trying something new!

1.) On the top left corner, you can click on “Publish” and students will get a URL, if they don’t have that option check out :

2.) Once published you’ll get a URL that the students can share.

3.) In Google, you can search CC licenses by clicking on “Advanced Search”. In Google Images you can select it as an option right below the search bar with Tools > Usage Rights.

4.) Find the video and then most will have an “embed” code which is a < iframe > tag. Students can copy and paste that directly into their page. Also encourage students to look at the attributes in the iframe tag to see what they recognize from the img tag.

5.) As mentioned above, you can use attributes within the img tag like width and height. Lesson 7 introduces attributes with the “alt” tag and you can find more information on which is a great resource and I encourage my students from day 1 to check it out.

Hope that helps!



Quick question Brad!

How do the students create more pages in their website? Is it simply clicking on the add HTML purple button?

Help -

Jennifer Dominick


Yes, use the Add HTML button to add pages, and then link to them using the < a href > tag.

Hope that helps!


Hey Brad!
My students are almost finished with their personal websites. Their geography teachers are asking them to create a new site for a project they will be doing on countries. Is it possible for the kids to create a 2nd site through If so, how? If not, where should I lead them for this project?


Hi @jennifer.dominick ,
You can have your students create a new Web Lab project that isn’t tied to the course by clicking the “Create” menu at the top and then choosing to view the full list. You will see Web Lab as an option under the heading “Beyond Blocks”.
The direct url is

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Thanks for getting back to me!

Could you answer the following?

My students are almost finished with Unit 2 and their personal websites. They have been asking me what the process is in order to add their page to the world wide web. Can someone please help me with this? They have also asked how they will be able to update their site once it is out on the web?

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You have control over whether students can share their sites on the internet or not. Toward the end of the unit they will get a Share button they can use to put their work online. This will only appear if you’ve turned on the share settings. Try this article to see if you have the share settings set.

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