2.1.7 Intellectual Property

Not sure if it’s just me, but lesson 2.1.7 seems like its out of order. We are asking kids to type codes in that haven’t been introduced yet. Also, they go find an image, but shouldn’t we be searching properly for that image first?

I don’t know. Feel like its backwards.

Hi @kbardelli,

As far as the codes that haven’t been introduced, are you referring to the img src tag? That tag is introduced on lesson 7 bubble 1 map level and then again in bubble 2 BUT on bubble 2, you do need to dig in a little bit. You have to click on the arrow to expand the topic “How do I add images?”. I have attached a screenshot. However, you may be referring to another tag not introduced?

As far as learning to search properly, are you referring to media literacy? You may know there is a lesson on web searching techniques in lesson 12. I completely understand your point on the order as it relates to searching for pictures. You can make a suggestion to https://support.code.org/ regarding this. For my class, I have a student demo how he searches for a picture in Creative Commons (the more techie parts such as saving to computer and uploading to Code.org) and we also discuss basic search techniques at that time.


I’m on 2.1.7, Bubble 1-Overview, it shows the Creative Commons vocab and the new tag at the bottom, but doesn’t show how to use it yet. I feel like bubble 6 should be introduced before they start fixing the codes. I don’t know, just my opinion. I’m using the 2019-20 version of this course.

When I taught it last year it didn’t seem shuffled. Maybe I just didn’t notice it.

I noticed the version from the year before has them in order, but this year it doesn’t show the code Image Map Level until bubble 6? Totally out of order in the recommended version this year.