Creating Student Websites from Web Lab and Parent Permission



Once students have finished their website in Unit 2, CS Discoveries, I know they share and have a url to send to their parents and friends. If they want to have their own personal website with an address of their choosing, how do they go about setting this up?
Also, does anyone else feel the need for a parent permission slip since students are publishing something to the web?


I had some kiddos create a website during coding club. They posted stories and photos spotlighting student progress on projects. None of the photos had student faces in them. I did get parent permission before publishing.Why not let parents know what is going on whenever possible? It seems like good practice to me.


Thank you for your response on parent permission. I feel that parents should be kept in the loop as well. Does anyone know how to add to website with a name of their choice? Personally, I bought a site for my own website, but is there another way?



If the student wants to create “” they would need to purchase the domain name from Bluehost, GoDaddy or another domain host site. From there, each one is different but all of them would have a way to upload a HTML file that redirects to your students site on CodeStudio. If the student wants to have each URL be “, ', '” they’d need to research how to upload their html pages onto the site itself (a while ago you’d do this through FTP, but I’m sure it’s easier now).

As for the students posting online - I’d review the Digital Footprint lesson and then have the students read through the “acceptable use policy” for online usage at your school - if you don’t have one, have the students create one! There are additional tools out there that will comb through the website to see if has personal information, but having students review each others might be a better exercise.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Does anyone have a copy of a parental permission slip they would be willing to share? I assume that the original website is only published on and can only be accessed with the link. I still think parent’s need to be aware of that.