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Hi, I am trying to see if anyone can recommend a good way to share student work (websites, games, apps etc) online so other students and their parents can look at the work they have done in this course. I would like for parents, and other teachers & students in the school to see the work all on one site especially while we are virtual now. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions. I am going to look into a site called “seesaw” to see if that might do it, but I would really appreciate any other suggestions or ideas to help safely display their work.


Hi @neville.e.voglezonjr,

What a great idea! One idea that comes to mind is having the students copy their “share” links to a Google slide deck or some other document and include a short description with screenshots on each slide.

Depending on the size, you might even have a student or two build something like this in Web Lab for extra credit!

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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I really like your idea. I generally have my students answer a question on Google Classroom with the link to their projects and allow them to be able to view and comment on classmates’ responses. This allows classmates to see their work, but not parents. You could throw together a Google Site and embed the Slide deck suggested by @mkmietowicz . That would allow it to easily update without your intervention. Good luck! Great idea! :four_leaf_clover:


Hello thanks for the ideas! I used to have the students drop the links in a question like you said @edavis but this year our school system forced us all to use Canvas instead of classroom :frowning: . I think google classroom was much more accessible. @mkmietowicz may try to do a slide deck but I think the logistics of trying to organize it for all the students to have 1 slide to put their work and not mess with other students slides always makes me nervous :slight_smile: I did also think of building a website myself and have a page for each project we have done with links to all the students work on each page, which may be my backup plan if the program seesaw does not work out.

Yesterday I messed around with seesaw a bit and it may do what I need. Each student will have a page which they or I can add links to the projects. There parents can also have access to the work they do and look at the page. It works well for the websites because it will show the homepage in their journal and then when people click on it, it goes to the actual webpage. The applications gives a generic picture from until they click on it and it takes it to the app. Besides each students individual page with all their projects I can also create folders with all of 1 project together, so if you want to see all “student websites” in one place you can do that. I am still testing things with the sample student they give you, but it may solve my problem. I will try to put a picture below. The bottom of the picture shows how you can see the website homepage in the actual feed, but the top one shows the generic picture it shows for the app & gamelab links.

thanks for the suggestions!


Seesaw sounds promising!

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