Viewing Student Work on Free Play



I wrote this in a response to another post, but am unsure if the team will see it, so let me try here as well :slight_smile:

Last year, I had the students use what they learned to create unique, creative artwork in the Free Play section and turn it in for assessment. This year, I have it set up so they can complete the FreePlay, but I can’t see their work or code in my class dashboard for the FreePlay because it’s one of the extra challenges now, not part of the lesson. Does that make sense? That was a lot of words haha.

Is there any way we can bring this functionality back??


Hi Emily,

We just found out about this bug yesterday, and we are trying to fix it ASAP. We should have more information next week. For now, the only way for them to show you the code over the system would be for them to “remix” their work into a project and give you the link. I know that’s more of a workaround than a real solution, but we are also working on the solution at the same time.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us through or thought the “report a bug” link inside Code Studio. I’m really sorry about this inconvenience.



Oooo, thank you so much! So good to hear from you and know there’s a fix in the works. The remixing is what we were doing, but yes, it’s much more efficient for both of us for me to be able to check on my dashboard.

Thanks for all you guys do, my students love this class!


Hi Emily,

I just got a bit of an update. It’s a feature that CS Discoveries shares with CS Fundamentals, and they were already on it, but it’s going to take a while to get this done. We don’t think there will be a fix until early next year (calendar year, not school year). Again, I’m really sorry, but thanks for your understanding.



OK thank you for the information!