Unit 3 Lesson 8 Under the Sea Drawing

I am grading the Under the Sea scenes but can’t see the scenes the students created. I saw students creating the scenes on their computers so I know they did it. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? Thank you.

I had a similar problem. I logged out and back in and it got fixed. If it does not get fixed, report the bug to support@code.org

Hey @rchoisser please let us know if that fixes the issue of seeing student work. We’re tracking a couple of related issues in this lesson and want to get a clear sense of what’s happening in the field. Again our apologies for the issue and hopefully we’ll be able to fix your issues here shortly.

I noticed that I couldn’t see student work from this set of problems if they completed the problems before the update to Unit 3 that came out on 10/31.

The green circles are marked as “completed” but the problems default back to the original, incomplete (but updated!) starting code.

Not sure if that helps you pinpoint the issue.

Could you please file a bug report? If you click on the menu on the top right corner of Code Studio there is a choice to report a bug.


Code.org is working on this issue. I will let you know once I have more information.

Hey @lanna.mack we believe we know the source of the issue. There’s unfortunately no straightforward way to give your students their work back though we do believe it’s still stored in the system. We’re working on trying to find a solution. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

No worries! We’ve moved on from that lesson during class and a student mentioned it when she went back to look at the older work. I figured it was worth reporting in case more updates are planned for Unit 5 during the year! :slight_smile: