Student view of their progress

My students are in CSD unit 2. I have a student who by my view of his progress, has completed lessons 1-9. Last week, when he looked at his progress, all of the bubbles were white. I could still see his progress and the feedback I gave him. He can’t see the feedback. This happened to another student but only for one day then she was fine. I discovered this problem with a third student today.

Any thoughts on cause or how to proceed?

hi @pat.boone!

Would you be able to report a bug for this or send an email to let them know what’s happening?

If anyone else has experienced this, please share what your next steps were, thanksssss

Hi Pat,

There are two common issues that cause this problem (or the related problem of students seeing their progress and teachers not seeing it).

First is that the student may have two accounts. One account is the one signed up for the class, that the teacher can see, and the other is the account that the student is signed into. Check this by having the student check the “Classroom sections I’ve joined” at the bottom of the home page in Code Studio.

The other problem is that the student and teacher are looking at different version years of the same course. Check this by going to the main unit page. It should either say “'17-'18” or “'18-'19”. In your case, the student may be on the wrong version and can get back to the correct one by choosing the correct version on the home page in Code Studio.


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The second problem below is what happened.