Student Progress not being reported in a Unit

One of my students is logging in correctly (as I have watched them do this); then they are going to the correct unit and lesson, but they have the green completion circles on their personal computer, but it is not showing me this student’s progress.
Any suggestions?


I have seen this happen when they are working on a different version of the curriculum. Make sure the URL they are working on shows the same year as the one you have assigned. If you are using the most current version (22-23), they may somehow have clicked a link or somehow ended up on an older version or vice versa, but you should be able to see in the URL itself which version they are working on.


I can double down on what @mwood mentioned. I’ve also had students logging into old accounts they had made in earlier school years. I would double check both of these things. If it still isn’t working, then you could use the “report a problem” option. Make sure to tell them the student’s username and the email with which the account is associated.