Student work not appearing on dashboard

I have just emailed support but I thought I would try here also. I have a student who has been in my class all year and I have always been able to see her levels completed. I am currently on Unit 3 Lesson 10 and I cannot see anything that she has done, but she has the lesson completed. I have checked that my dashboard has the same user name that she is logged into and it it. I have also resynced the class but still nothing. What can I do to fix this?


So far, what you have checked is a good thing to check. One more thing I might suggest you look at is to make sure that you are both in the same version. You can usually find the version in the url itself, so a link to the most current version would look like the link below with “csd3-2022” in the url. If one of you were in a previous years’ curriculum, you might see 2021 in the URL instead.

Hope this helps.


Yes we are both in the same version. Thank you for your help.

In that case, support is the correct place to go for help!

Good luck!


As a new teacher, I struggled with this issue. Discovered the student’s URL was focus-on-coding, when the class’s URL was interactive-games-animations. Same lesson, I resolved it by bookmarking the student’s URL link, as I only have the student for one quarter.

STUDENT: Keyboard Input - Lesson 16 -

Being new to and figuring it out, I accidentally assigned both units.