Student work not showing up?

Anyone else ever have a student who’s work isn’t showing up in the teacher panel? I have a student who swears up and down that’s he’s finished assignments, but they’re work doesn’t show up. Not sure if he’s just trying to pull a fast one, or if there’s really something wrong?


This is usually caused by a student working in a different version of the course other than the one you have assigned. A couple of things could be causing this. (It has happened to me before!)

Every year, updates the curriculum, however, older versions of the course are still on the website and are accessible using links from that year. I use canvas and others use Google classroom or other LMS systems and at least for me, I have hard coded links to assignments in canvas. When I recycle that course the following year, my links point to the previous years’ content. I usually update them every year and in doing that, if I miss one, a student may click on a link and be working in an older version of the course while another student may just sign into and be directed to the version I assigned them (the current year). in this case, you can tell by looking at the URL and you will usually see some indication in the URL of the version they are working in. If it’s old, that’s probably what’s happening.

This year, there is an added wrinkle as rolled out collections you can assign to students. So, instead of assigning all of CSD to your class, you may choose to assign a particular collection of units and activities that are in that collection. Although the activities are identical, they may have a different URL. In addition, if a student was assigned to a unit in a previous year by you or another teacher and if that course is still active, they may click on a link from a previous course and be working on exactly the same content as assigned, but it won’t show up in your dashboard.

So, the best solution (for now) is to check the URL for students if that is happening and make sure it is the same one as you are expecting them to be doing. This year, the URLs have 2023 in them

(Here’s an example–>. Note that this example is from me assigning this class the “Web Development Collection” (not the full CSD class).

And this is the link to the same lesson, but for students assigned to the full CSD course:

I’ve been told by staff that they are aware of this being an issue and are working on a solution, but it is taking some time.

I hope this helps.



Thank you!!! This definitely helps!