Students missing work

I am having a problem this year that is making my life very difficult. I have assigned students to complete Unit 2 of CSD: The Web Dev unit. However, when I go to correct their work, somehow students are completing work in different versions of the Web Dev curriculum. For example here are 2 links where I have found student work:

Why is there a CSD-2 version of the course?
I am adding this because the links above don’t seem to work as expected. Sometimes work is going to web-development-2023 and other times it is going to csd2-2023.

This is the curriculum I have assigned to their class.

When I click on CSD in my dashboard it brings me here:
This is causing a nightmare for me when trying to grade. I have a room full of very upset students who keep thinking that has lost their work.
Why are there so many different versions of the same curriculum and how do I avoid this issue in the future?


I’m sure that is frustrating. introduced more flexible courses that can be assigned for specific implementations and that has caused some of these confusing things to happen.

I have been told that is working on a solution, but that’s it’s a bit more complex than it may seem and it may take some time.

The CSD2 link is the link you would use if you only assigned unit 2 to your students. The CSD link is for assigning them the entire class. The key of course is making sure that the one you assigned to the course is the same as the one you are entering to grade. If you click on the course that you assigned (the link inside the section you created) on your dashboard, it should work fine. If you click on the generic CSD link, you may end up in the wrong place.

Hopefully this will be something they can fix in the near future, but in the meantime, I hope you can find a workflow that works for you.


Thank you! I am so glad to hear that they are working on it!
It is making me nuts!!

I agree. At least you figured out why it’s happening. My favorite workaround is just to create a shortcut in my browser (bookmark) to take me right to the one where I know students are working. The bigger problem is if students somehow get on the wrong version… then, you can’t see their work and that’s why a solution is needed!