Can students work on 2 different courses?

We were doing Unit 6 is CSD then were sent back to virtual because of Covid. I assigned App Lab and we worked on that for 2 weeks. We are now back in school and plan to go back to Unit 6. I know I can change back to that, but I have some kids still on quarantine. How can I have them working on the App Lab course while my in-person kids work on Unit 6? Or is that not possible?

Hi @kbezdek,
Students can work on 2 courses. No progress will be lost when moving from one course to the other. It can be tricky making sure both sets of students don’t get lost since will take them directly to the course they are assigned in the “Edit Section Details” section and you can only choose one section “they are currently working on”. I help students find their way by posting links directly to the lessons in Google Classroom. You can also choose to not specify a particular lesson in the “edit section details” section (I’ve not tried this - I just see it is possible).
I hope that answers your question. And kudos to you teaching some at home and some at school!

I found where they can see the CSD course below the “currently working” info. When a student goes to CSD unit 6 then clicks on a lesson then a bubble, it says “Your teacher does not expect you to be here” and won’t let them work. In “edit section details” I can leave the “chose course” blank but the students still get the same message. Am I not doing it in the right place? The progress is still there for the kids. They can see the progress, just can’t work on the next bubble.

Is the section hidden for some? Try this…(from this post)

Go to the CSD page , choosing the student’s section, and check to see if the section is hidden or visible? If it is visible, to ahead and choose “hidden” in the Unit 6 area. This will hide the unit from the entire class. Refresh the page, then click “visible” in the Unit 6 area. This should make the unit visible for all students, even the student that couldn’t see it before.

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 1.59.01 PM

Tried that, didn’t work. They can always work on bubbles in Event-Driven Programming in App Lab, no matter if I have it “assigned” in the section details or not. They can’t get into CSD Unit 6 and work on bubbles unless I have it assigned to the section. That will work starting Monday since most kids will be back, but I will just need to make a video showing the others how to see the app lab under “my courses” on the home page. (I’ve shown them but they rely on it taking them directly to the lesson)

Thanks for the help.

If you know the sections you are wanting students to work on are getting the error “Your teacher does not expect you to be here” AND you have made them visible to your students, then you might need to contact support. But yes, when I have students in more than one lesson or even course, I always link to the first bubble of the lesson in Google Classroom and instruct them where to proceed from there. The “edit section details” will only connect students to one course (and lesson) when they log into