Assigning Multiple Chapters

Many of my students are finished with Chapter 1, and I want to assign Chapter 2. If I assign Chapter 2, will students still be able to complete (and readily access) Chapter 1?


Hello! Can you clarify if you were referring to assigning Units within CSD? (such as, you want to assign Unit 2 but still have students access Unit 1)

That’s exactly what I am doing. Right now, most have completed Unit 1: Problem Solving and Computing ('20-'21), so I want to assign CSD Unit 2 - Web Development ('20-'21). However, I’ve noticed that when I do this, Unit 1 being assigned is automatically deselected. Does this mean students are unable to access this from their dashboard? Are they still able to complete this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

While only 1 course (or unit) can be assigned to a section, the course that is assigned to a section is just the first one that students will see when they log in. Students can continue to access any other course at any time by visiting once they sign in, or just click on the logo in the top left corner, then click “Course Catalog” at the top of their homepage. Once students finish at least one puzzle in any course, that course will permanently “stick” to their homepage ( for easy access going forward. If you want your students to continue accessing Unit 1 while you have assigned Unit 2, they just need to have finished at least one level within Unit 1. Unit 1 will then appear for them permanently on their homepage to access going forward, regardless of what units are or aren’t assigned.

You as the teacher can change the course you’re viewing progress in in your ‘view progress’ tab by changing the dropdown list on the left side to any other course, to see how your students are doing in courses other than the one assigned. Changing the course assigned will just change what students see first when they log into your section. Hope this helps!