Teacher Dashboard Issue 2018/19



I am having some issues with my students’ status updates on my dashboard. I have a few kids who I know have completed lessons in CSD because I have seen them working on it and helped them through a few levels myself but on the update screen the bubbles are not filled in. Has anyone else experienced this? I made sure the students were logging in the correct way and everything was fine there. The example below shows the two students who have already completed these lessons but haven’t gotten the credit for it.


@buyskej, yikes!!! Would you be able to send an email to support@code.org detailing this error if we don’t hear from someone who’s also experienced this?



That was the plan if no one on here had experienced this issue.


Is it possible that they are completing the code but not hitting “Finish”? If they use the progress bubbles at the top to navigate to the next level but never indicate that they have finished the level by pressing the “Finish” button, the system will not display that they have finished it.



I hadn’t thought of that one! I will check with the student and see if that’s what he was doing. Thank you!


It might also be worth looking into whether students have multiple accounts. For example, I’ve had students logging in with username/password when I was expecting them to just use their Google accounts. If the students’ own progress bubbles are green, then this might be something to explore.


I figured out the issue. The student was completed his work in the '17-'18 course instead of the '18-'19 course. The two are right next to each other on the dashboard, so I think it’s a bit confusing.