Student progress not being recorded?

I have students that are using at home and at school and progress not showing as complete. She has the correct log in. I watched her log in and complete but not showing that she even started.

Any ideas?

@mark_mitchell sorry to year you’re having trouble with this! I’m going to ask a few questions to hopefully figure out what’s going on here:

  • How many students is this affecting. You said you have “students” but only have one that you watched log in. Are there students whose progress you are able to see?

  • Is the student completing the work in the same version of the course as you’ve assigned? Check that you’re assigning the 2019-2020 version and that the student’s URL shows that they’re in this version as well (on some pages it may just load as csd-19).

  • If that doesn’t do it, check that they’re actually enrolled in your section, and that they are using the same email address in class and at home.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head for what might be causing these issues. If you email they are sometimes able to look into what might be going on from the back-end that we can’t see on the forum.

Let us know what the solution ends up being!

–Michael K.