Student progress not showing up

My virtual students are completing assignments in code however they are not showing up on my end. They can send me screen shots and I can see their progress. They are linked to my class. Please help!!!

@tmaples, That is frustrating. If you can see their progress, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “they are not showing up on my end.”

What exactly isn’t showing up? You may want to reach out to with an account name and they could look into it.


I’m having similar problems. Seems very glitchy. The student’s progress shows on the main class page, and the blocks are green when I go to the lesson and view as teacher, but when I click on the lesson, it says,‘student has not begun this level’ even though the correct code is there in the workspace. And when I click, ‘view as student’ the only boxes that are green are the videos, and the workspace is set as if she hasn’t done anything. I know she completed the work, because I sat next to her and helped her through it.
I’m sure they will get it straightened out, if they know it’s happening. Does anyone know if this site is considered a way of notifying them?

I would recommend you notify directly by emailing This gives them an account to work with and try and see what is happening.


Thank you, I will do that.