Share Your Student Websites

Hey all, we’re looking to curate and showcase some student projects from Unit 2. I’d love to see student projects of all levels shared in this thread. Some of them might make it into the curriculum as exemplars, featured in the public gallery, or even shared out on public media!


What would be the best way to share them with you?

You can just share them here, that way everyone else can enjoy each others’ student work.

These are a couple of sixth grade examples:


Where would you like us to share them to?

Just copy the URL and paste it here.

Grade 7 & 8 websites from Elizabeth Hastings Middle in Fairhaven, MA:

How to be a Better Gymnast

Skateboards and Where to Find Them

Amazing Super Bowl Party Foods

Where is Fairhaven, MA?


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Sorry I skipped a necessary step. Click on the “Share” button and copy the URL from there. Then you can paste it here.

Grade 7th Alise Braick from IS 392, Brooklyn, NYC


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This is a high school mixed grades class:


Thanks all, these are fantastic! Keep 'em coming!

Just got some more made for this semester.
Lot’s of good ones that I had to go through, but here are some of my favorites…
Hunger Games
Got7(Korean band)fanpage
Mexico-Places to visit(Made by a ELL Student)


great keep on going and be happy guys

In CSD Unit 2 Final Projects Personal Website … are the projects published only within or is is public ?

By clicking on the share button in the upper left corner, the students can copy the URL and share their website with others. The only way the public can view the website is if the student shares the URL.