Website Sample with tips



Here is a sample website I created using web lab and shared with my students to help them navigate through the requirements of the website development project in Unit 2.
Unit 2 Personal Website tips](

Teacher websites

Thanks for sharing this. It is an awesome idea!!


Do you know if there is the ability for students to search through web lab for other student projects to gather ideas for their personal website project? We are brainstorming on the Style pieces, and I thought it might be nice if they looked at some finished websites to come with a list of ideas on colors, font families, and other features they want to include in their design.

I see where you can search “Public Projects” in, but I do not see any Web Lab projects available, just Game Lab, Dance, etc.


I use to showcase good examples. I also ask them to visit some of their favorite sites and review the styles used for ideas.


Check this forum post out… might help: