Web Design Curriculum idea

Hey Everyone,

I am just putting this out there as a bit of a think piece for us teachers. I want to create a web design curriculum for high school students. I know the unit in CSD is written to take less than a quarter. But, exploring the Web Lab app it clearly has full functionality and can use much more than just what the CSD unit has highlighted.

What would you consider “must have skills” outside of the typical CSD Web Design unit?
What would be “Want to have skills”? In your opinion.

May be heretical, but CodeHS has a couple of web design/development courses. I’ve been teaching basic web dev for a few years using their Web Design (Picasso) course and supplementing with JavaScript. They have a new course called Web Development that gets more into JavaScript and DOM and data storage.

For skills, I’d say other than basic HTML/CSS I’d add rudimentary JavaScript (adding a timer, changing attributes of an element), a bit of DOM, a basic framework like Bootstrap.

Not at all! I will look into what they have. Any idea on cost I am looking at? Thanks for the addition though. For sure wanted to get into some light JavaScript.

They have a free version which includes pretty much everything for the student side. If you want to pay you get management tools - gradebook, scheduling events (like tests), one glimpse class progress etc. Worth paying for if you have $$ lying around, I had paid at previous school but not now and it’s working out OK.

PM me if you want more info