Open up data tools in CSP Unit 8

Student is trying to access createRecord in data but it is not an option. Any idea how to help her?
Thanks in advance
R. Henry

That is in my opinion a bug and should be submitted. Students should have full tool access for the Create Task.

I assume you have a student in blocks mode because it isn’t really unavailable it just doesn’t show up as a block. For now you can type createRecord() in using text mode then switch back to blocks. You can also create a project outside of the lesson using blocks and then copy and paste the code into the lesson.

Your student may be using Game Lab and not App Lab. createRecord is only a function on App Lab and you cannot use it on Game Lab.

Good point Mr. Pixel. That would be true. I did however look at Unit 8 and it is also true of App Lab for that unit.

Hello all,
I found out through a colleague that if you remix and rename your project the data toolbox shows up. Who knew? Wonder why this works, but it does.
Thank You all : )

The reason it works is that each lesson has the available tools and blocks specified by the creator of that lesson. When you remix you move outside of the lesson and the toolbox isn’t limited by the lesson.

Keep in mind that when you move outside the lesson with remix the teacher can no longer see progress on the project. While it is true that we are not supposed to help on the Create Task we are still responsible for students making consistent progress to meet the deadline.

I would reiterate my previous comment of switch to text type it in then switch back to blocks.

I opened a ticket to have those blocks added to the lesson. I don’t know of any reason not to allow them, but there might be one.