Unit 3 Lessons & Design Tab

When I look at my own account, I see the Code, Design and Data Tabs. When I click on the names of specific students the tabs are not there. We really need to have access to the different tabs so we can check problems with ids, for example. When you get to lesson 9, for example, the students are coding. How can I help them in debugging if I am not able to see the elements in the Design Tab? Maybe the students are misspelling the ID of an element,maybe they are calling the wrong elements, etc.

Please, help.

At least, last year we could see the Share and Remix tabs on the top of our students apps…

Hi @rossiai,

Sorry to hear the tool doesn’t have the features that allow you to help your students troubleshoot.

I’m not sure what’s behind the changes, but it sounds like you have a pretty compelling argument - I suggest you send a note to support@code.org. No need to rewrite anything, should be fine to link them to this post with your super helpful screenshots and annotations. (Or copy/paste the text and include a link that says there’s screenshots there.)

I’d send the note, but I don’t have any magical inside track that makes things more likely to happen, and also these types of feedback mean a lot more coming directly from teachers.


Hi, Frank, I figured it out. The tab are only going to show if the students started/finish their work. Yeah!! When that happens, you can see the Share and Remix tabs on top of their apps :heart::heart::heart:

Ah, glad it’s working for you now! And thanks so much for updating back here in case anyone else wants to know. :slight_smile: