How to see Design screen in Student's Projects

So when I look at the apps/projects that my students have created in the App Lab, I am unable to click on design to see if their buttons are aligning with the same x coordinates. It is part of my rubric. It allows you to see the code, but not the design specs.

Thank you in advance.

There is an exploit that lets you open an app in edit mode, but it borders the line of “hacking” so I wouldn’t recommend it. There are other options:

  • Have the student show you on their screen where the elements are.
  • Hover over the top left of the element and record the mouse’s position.
  • Just take their word for where the elements are.

Hmmm… that’s a tough one. I would agree with the advice from @wutadam. Another option, though not ideal, would be to remix the projects that you’re concerned about. Hovering would be easiest, but there may be some that are suspect that are worth the time of remixing to check. I’m wondering if anyone else has any suggestions.

I agree with @edavis. I click remix to see the design tab. The only other workaround I can think of is to find a lesson that you are not completing that gives you a workspace for the app so you can use the teacher panel to see each student’s project and give students the link to that lesson in the project description. (Like this lesson at the end of Unit 4). This won’t help @abramss here since the student projects are completed. I also like the students to have access to all the blocks, as they do when they start a new App Lab project from the Code dashboard, so that advanced students can explore further than the lesson might have taught.