Teacher made "Make" exercises

Is there a way for teachers to create their own “Make” App that students would be able to use but not be able to see the code. My goal would be to pair it with a partially developed app/UI elements for them to complete the APP in the same fashion that students complete the APP in the second bubble of a make lesson.

yes! I agree, I really want this feature as well. For right now a not so great workaround I’m contemplating is creating something and then giving them the link and having them import the design elements. But it would be nice to be able to add code tec to a “bubble 1” to get them to view functionality on their own and then have a bubble 2 with only design part where they can do the code

This is not possible on Code Studio. Please make a feature request to support@code.org for this feature. A workaround for now could be to just create an assignment in AppLab and share it with your students. The students will have to Remix the app and work on it. They submit a shared link of their app to you for grading. Do it this way is hard for grading purposes.

Here is my workaround:

I build the app I want in AppLab, then I remix it and remove my code, leaving scaffolding of comments or nothing at all.
I take the functioning app and do the following:

  1. Click Share
  2. Click “Advanced Options” at the bottom
  3. Choose “Embed”
  4. Click the checkbox at the bottom that says “Hide the ability to view code” next to it.
  5. Take that embed code, and paste it on a page on my LMS (or class website, google page, etc)

I link the source code file (basically just the design mode stuff) directly below it and have students open and Remix that project to do their work. They submit their share link to me in my LMS.

I end up with something like this:
(Sorry I can’t embed directly in this post, so i’m giving you a screenshot of the LMS)