Example App that students can't see the code

Is there any way for a teacher to share a link to an app that allows students to run it but doesn’t allow them to view the code?

I want to create a skill check assessment for students to demo specific skills - similar to the EMOJI GAME in CSD Unit 6 Lesson 8: they can run it but not see the answer.

Elaine Demeter

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When you click the share button from an app there’s a link to “show advanced options.” One of the advanced options is to share by embed code, which includes a checkbox to disable viewing code. If another user attempts to view the code on project that has been shared this way they’ll just get an empty project.

You’ll need to create a webpage where you can stick this embed code, which you can do using Web Lab (eg https://studio.code.org/projects/weblab/XO99JIwSwh7cSiRaYxe6iw/view )