Share Game Lab Link w/o code?


I want to share the game I created with the students but do not want them to see the code. Is there a way to share the game I created (Unit 3, Lesson 20) so they can play/test it but not see the code?


@michael.coyner Yes, there is a way.

When you press the “Share” button at the top of your project, click Show advanced options towards the bottom of the pop-up.

After you do this, select the Embed option, then check the Hide ability to view code checkbox, and copy the link inside the iframe

Then, if you go to the link, it removes the View Code button and you should be able to share it just fine! This method makes it relatively untraceable to the source by preparing an entirely new project id, and should hide the code from your students.

Happy coding, and hope this helps!


Perfect…Thank you:)