App Lab history

Right now I give students the beginning of an app and they remix it. They then turn it in using the share link. Unfortunately, students can change their code up until I grade it. Is there a way around this? It looks like only students can see their history. I was hoping that I could do that to make sure they aren’t changing code after class. Any suggestions?

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You can look at the time stamp under their name on the teacher panel.

I haven’t tried it but I assume that turning off the lesson visibility would prevent students from accessing it again.

My assessments aren’t in any curriculum so a teacher panel is not available. I just make the assessment in App Lab. Is there a way to add a module that links to an App Lab assignment? Maybe that’s what I’m missing.

It’s not a lesson. Is there a way to make custom lessons?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t think you have an ability to control see the version history. . The only thing you can possibly do is remix their code and make a copy. That way you will have the version they submitted and won’t see changes that they make later.

Dang, that’s very inconvenient. Is there a way, in App Lab, to make folders to put all of the students’ assessments in after I remix them?

Not that I know of. It’s going to be a pain :pensive:

That’s surprising, and a bit upsetting. I have so many examples, assessments, and student work in there and it’s nearly impossible to find. Whenever I click on an app it moves from where it was in the list all the way to the top, just because I opened it. So then I have apps scattered even more. I can sort by the column but that’s only helpful if I rename everything, and then keep that every year.

I’m clearly venting now. It’s apparent that cares a lot about CS education but the way it’s setup is making it more difficult for me to help my students, and it’s taking up more of my time than it should do fairly simple things, like putting files in a folder.

I totally understand your frustration. Please write to with your suggestions for improvement. Sorry, I wasn’t of much help.

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