How to look at student's archive / history?

Hi there all,

Is there an easy way to look at a student’s archive of code?

I have a students doing a project and I would like to check the timestamps for a few of them. Is there an easy way to check when the code was produced? A timestamp perhaps?


@jseman these are really good questions. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to see a timestamp when your students code was created. I will pass this request to the team.

Hi Terence,

Yes, that would be helpful. I’ve used github in the past. They timestamp everything so it is easier to catch copied code as you are able to see what was updated / when.

I’m doing a project for the class final (make your own app) and a few of the students are suddenly coming up with code. I know that they all have archives on their accounts. Is there a way I can access there accounts - or login as them - to see the archive?


Hi @jseman,

Currently it’s not a feature to access that information from a student’s account and it’s not possible to login as the student.

There are a few bubbles in the curriculum in which you can view the students’ previous versions, but those bubbles would not be the full version of App Lab so it wouldn’t be suitable for any sort of summative project.

I suppose an extreme measure would be to reset a student’s password so you can literally login as that student. :stuck_out_tongue: