Log of Student Progress on Projects

Is there a recording of student progress on projects that I can access? If not I would suggest that as a feature. I was able to playback students’ progress on codingrooms which was very helpful when students turned in coding assignments late and told me they just forgot to turn it in.

@mjdeister - Hi Myra, I agree with you that there should be a history for the projects that teachers can use to assess the student’s project. This is what is currently available to teachers. Once you access the section class list, there is a projects tab that will show the last day the student edited the project.

I will pass on your suggestion to the curriculum team. Thank you.


I did see that, but it would be helpful if I could see all of the dates the student worked on the code or if I could have access to the student’s backpack.

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Hi Myra - I have submitted this request to the curriculum team. Hopefully it will be a feature in the next update.

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