Revision History/Teacher Management


I absolutely love the curriculum, but improving the teacher interface is on my wish list. I think there are many features that can be added, especially giving us access to student revision history. That way we can better check on their progress and detect cheating better.



Hi @choster, is constantly evaluating and updating their curriculum and part of that revision process is the number of requests for a particular feature. You can submit your ideas and requests to support for consideration.


Hi @choster!

In addition to Michelle’s great suggestion, does the version history button help you at all? I’m not sure what unit you’re in, but I’ve often used that to see my students’ progress in several of the units. It’s not a perfect solution to your need, but it does help follow their progress.

I’ve had students tell me in the past that they suddenly ‘lost all their work’ when in fact they actually just hadn’t finished (oops) and this is one of those tools that has made it easy for me to have that heart-to-heart with them about what’s going on and why they didn’t finish something (web pages would be a good example).

Just thought I’d mention in case it helps!


Hi Wendy.

Thanks for responding.That’s really what I want to look at. Is it in the teacher dashboard? Project Stem and CodeHS can allow the teacher to look at their versions and I am hoping will allow the same. If a student copied and pasted their code in, seeing a revision history is a great way to determine that, especially since solutions are widely posted online. I would also suggest at the same spot you highlighted that a number of revisions be visible as well. If it says 0 or 1, I may need to look more closely at their work.


Hey Chris,

I’m not sure the version history will give you everything you’re looking for per se, but it may help. Unfortunately, you would have to either be logged on as the student or on their computer to see that version history button as it’s that’s not part of the teacher dashboard/panel. I would definitely send your suggestions to!