Can you see prior version of students program?

Can you access prior versions of a students program? For example in Unit 5 - Lesson 12, the student has to keep changing their program. Can you each version of the program to see if each one was done and done correctly?

Thanks for your help.


I think the answer is “no”… at least I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that. For most the levels where the code is re-used over time, I just grade the last level that uses that code - usually it builds up over time (I am thinking of the clicker game or colorSleuth , for example). I agree that for lesson 12, the tasks vary more over time and totally get the desire to be able to see the in between versions.

There have been a few times I have suspected academic dishonesty and wanted to see the version history for a student project. For those I just have a student pull out their computers and I inspect the history on their machine, but that is time intensive in class to do for a whole group…

I think this is still good feedback for to hear though, can you “submit a bug” ticket just to more formally log this feedback into the system. I can submit feedback too, I am guessing it was designed like this for a reason - submitting a bug might also get you a more detailed answer on why it is setup its current way.

Thanks again for raising this!

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I’m able to have success with prior versions by having them saved via the “Remix” button (it’s above where the coding is done). After “Remix,” then student renames the file (button up in same above area too), and it will show up in a project list (that list will show up in the “Projects” tab of various information on students’ work when you click on the section name of your course (will see the course’s section name on the opening page when one signs in)