Version History - Problems

As late as last week, when looking at any level, I was able to view the entire list of saved versions in the Version History. As of this week, the only item that shows is the latest version. I have submitted a ticket to, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue. This was particularly helpful when identifying student using ChatGPT or one of the many website that have every answer posted to Copy & Paste. I had a student last week who was magically able to generate 61 lines of code in 8 seconds. I use both CSP and CSD and the functionally has disappeared for both.

The last time this happened to me, I noticed that students and I were on different versions of the curriculum. A quick way to check is to look at the year in the url. If those align, then I’m not sure what is going on. Someone from support should contact you.

I received a response…

“This is a known issue our team is aware of and they are actively working on a fix. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”

I am glad they are working on it, but it really is inconvenient this close to the AP Exam.

“In the meantime, if you would like, we can send over a screenshot of any student’s version history for any level - just let us know the username of the student and URL for the level.”

Thanks, but I wonder if they want a list of every student and the URL to every level.

Hi @twilbur,

I agree & empathize that this close to the exam is not ideal for a bug to arise. The engineers are working on fixing the issue. Thank you for understanding that Murphy’s Law shows up all too often, and for trusting that the resolution will come as quickly as it possibly can.

The way I interpreted the second response was that they are happy to send you student history if you need a specific level for a specific student (ex: Evelyn, Unit 5 Lesson 7 Level 2, and Deirdre, Unit 7 Lesson 3 Level 6). They are not asking you to send every student’s name and every URL.

Thank you!
–Michael K.