Can't tell if student did not do Unit 12 bubble 10 or if he overwrote the answer in bubble 12


I am grading Unit 12, bubble 10 where the student wrote code to see how long it takes to get 12 heads in a row. I can’t tell if he did not do the assignment or if he did do the assignment and he then overwrote it in bubble 12 where students are encouraged to experiment. I pasted the code I see for Unit 12 bubble 10 which has nothing to do with coins. Would bubble 12 overwrite the answer in bubble 10? If so, I am sure I am not the first teacher to hit this problem. I will have to tell my students to NOT do bubble 12 so I can grade bubble 10 next year.

Code below.
var x = -1;
var y = 0;
var unl = 0;
while (y <= 100) {


Hi @jimwelsh50,

You are correct in that whatever work done in bubble 12 will overwrite the work done in bubble 10, since those are “linked” work spaces.

I do see the problem you mention and I’m sure I’ve run into that problem before too. I’ll bring up your concern with staff. I wonder if it would be possible for the teacher to view previous versions…

Sorry for this issue catching you off guard and thank you for bringing this to our attention!



Thank you very much!