CSD Unit 3 Lesson 26 Bubble 12

Yesterday a student of mine did not finish U3L26B12 by the time the class ended, so he just exited from the program. Today he said that all the work he did in bubble 12 was gone. He said that he has left in the middle of bubbles before and the work was there the next day. Any idea why his work might have disappeared this time?

By the time you look at the bubble, he will have redone the work.

Thank you.

Gary Ellis

Hi @gellis1 ,
I’ve had this happen in my class as well. The automatic saving usually runs as a cycle. It saves every couple of minutes. If the student closed the window in between saving cycles, the work after the last saving cycle would have been lost. If the student has completely lost his/her work, then you may be able to use the version history to salvage some of it. If you don’t believe that either of these were the cause, then I would probably watch to see if it happens again. If so, then I would submit a bug report citing that it happened to the same student more than once. Hopefully this helps. On the bright side, by the time I opened it the student had done the work and had done it well!