Don't sync changes to earlier puzzles in a workspace

Currently in a lesson like Unit 5, Lesson 12 (loops and simulations) where almost all the puzzles are linked in one workspace, it seems to be impossible to check a student’s work from an earlier puzzle since everything is replaced by their work in the latest puzzle.

A few suggested fixes:

  1. Use the previous puzzle’s code as the starting point for the next stage, but don’t keep them linked after the initial copy.
  2. Give the student a button to copy code from a previous puzzle whenever they wish.
  3. Give teachers access to the student’s revision history (least favorite solution - too much digging for teachers).
  4. Drop the whole “workspace” concept and just suggest to students that they copy and paste their code from a previous puzzle.

Thanks, and please let me know if I’m missing something!

Hi @alex.jacoby,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure staff takes a look at this. :slight_smile:


@alex.jacoby thanks for the detailed feedback. I’ve shared it with out product team as we look to make future revisions to the tool. Obviously significant updates like this need careful consideration but we’re always looking to better understand how we can make our tools better for students and teachers!