Teacher Dashboard Improvement

Hi there.

I love the CSP Curriculum, but I wish the teacher dasboard could be improved.
First, it would be great to see student revision history. That is a great way to check to see if students are cheating and just copying code. It could even have the number of revisions listed on the dashboard so I can quicky tell.

Second, it would be great if the assessments had a date range of availability, and re-do option, and date/option to show answers.

The above seem on the easier side to integrate but it would help teachers greatly. Additional improvements like having more autograding is desired as well. Project Stem and CodeHS have a robust dashboard and hopefully Code.org can improve theirs.




Thanks much for reaching out and sharing this feedback! You’re far from alone in each of these points you mentioned, and our team has work tracked to address these feature requests in future updates - namely for allowing viewing of students’ version history within a level (currently only accessible to the student), and for more flexible unlock options with assessments/surveys.

Note that we currently do offer a method for students to retake an assessment.
You just need to unlock that assessment again for the student, then have the student navigate to the last page of that assessment. Here, they’ll find a purple “Unsubmit” button to click. They can then make edits and re-submit their new responses.

We hope this info helps a bit, and again, we appreciate the detailed feedback!

Thanks so much for your response! With the new CSA curriculum coming out next year which I am sure will be great, I need an extra incentive to switch over from my current curriculum provider to Code.org. Good teacher tools minimize my workload and improve the integrity in student learning.

I look forward to any improvements! Code.org is awesome!