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I have been using CSawesome for two years. I am wondering if anyone here made the change from CSAwesome to code.org and why you did? I don’t mind CSAwesome but I am only a 2nd year teacher and don’t have anything to compare it to. I do teach CSP in Code.org and think it is great. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I made the move from csAwesome to code.org this year. My scores where AWFUL in csAwesome (I average barley over a 2) for two years. My big hang up with the curriculum with how object oriented is introduced. Things just never clicked with my kids. I think it is a great curriculum for teachers with a TON of experience. If you are are on the newer side, I think there are some fundamental topics it just assumes you know and understand. I have been much happier with the code.org curriculum and just comparing my students coding from this to last year it is night and day. I would be more than happy to answer any other questions you might have.

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That is actually my biggest struggle is my content knowledge. When I took the job 2 years ago I hadn’t done Java in over 20 years. My best student knows way more than I do. He jokes with me that I am a good teacher, just not a good programmer. Which I say, “Yep, if I was a good programmer I probably wouldn’t be a teacher.” I am debating giving Code.org a shot next year.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for reaching out to ask about Code.org’s CSA course! I’ve taught CSA for about 5 years, and used several different curriculum the first few years without finding anything I particularly liked. I got to do the pilot for the Code.org curriculum last year, and felt like I finally found something that I could use in my classroom where I could focus on teaching, and not always “figuring out” what I was doing/ how some sample code worked, etc. My students did very well on the AP exam last year using code’s CSA curriculum, and I feel like my two groups I’ve used it with are better at writing programs independently than my students were in the past. I also really like that the unit projects are engaging.
If you are thinking about switching, have you looked into doing a summer workshop for CSA? The registration is open, check out this link:

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