vs. Edhesive

AP CSP - This year I have been teaching this course with
AP CSA - I have taught this course with Edhesive - did not offer this - my understanding is they will next year.
My administration is wanting me to teach both sections next year using the same platform.

Question - To the teachers that have taught both and Edhesive - what are some advantages and disadvantages of each?

Hi @dschneberger ,

I believe’s CSA curriculum won’t be officially released until the '22-23 school year.

I had taught’s previous CSP curriculum as well as CSD curriculum. I tried out Edhesive’s CSA curriculum but this was in a pretty limited capacity several years ago (I believe they’re on their at least 2nd iteration of the curriculum, whereas I’m pretty sure I had my students on the 1st).

What I remember from it was that it was taught by Rebecca Dovi, who is a fantastic teacher, and that I believe it was designed so that students can basically self-study from it - vs’s curriculum that’s meant to be taught in a classroom setting, led by a teacher. The pedagogical approaches are different - although I wouldn’t go as far to say Edhesive is “traditional” like most online courses, it’s somewhat both a strength and weaknesses that the overall delivery method can act as a self-study course.

Again, this is based on my experience maybe 4-5 years ago and having used it for a handful of months (I started with CodeHS that started out fine then started falling apart, so I jumped ship mid-year to Edhesive).


Thank you for your imput