Have any of you switched from Project lead the way to the curriculum?

My admin is pushing PLTW, but I have taken the ap csp pd- I am looking to see others opinions and why you left PLTW behind.


One advantage to staying with the code is that PTLW is a paid curriculum. I’m currently unaware of anyone making a switch for this same reason.


@terence.stone25 I am wanting to stay with - looking for others that feel that way too!


We are a PLTW school in all three areas (engineering, biomed, and CS) and for CSP this year while I have used the PLTW curriculum as the primary source, I have supplemented with various CSP activities to help fill some holes in understanding. I have asked for next year to be allowed to consider the curriculum the primary source and then supplement with the PLTW materials. Here is how I explained it to my admins.

If I were teaching CSP and students were NOT taking the course with the intent of taking the AP exams, then the PLTW curriculum would be fine. But since we intend for most of our students in AP classes to take the AP exams, then I need a program that is targeted more directly at that preparation, and CSP fits that need.

Cost issues aside (and PLTW is expensive), I do know that the PLTW CSP curriculum was actually written before it was modded into an AP approved CSP course, and I think it shows in terms of best level of AP preparation. I love the depth it has in certain areas, but such depth comes at a high time cost. I actually just developed a “parachute plan” in the event cost issues drive us to have to drop PLTW CS completely.