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Would it be possible for Code.org to have an option for teachers to see each student’s “daily progress”? For example, on any given day, I have some students on Unit 3 Lesson 16 and some slower students still on Unit 3 Lesson 15 due to a class filled with different learners. If there was a Daily Progress Tracker, that shows the completed bubbles inside of each lesson, teachers can see a quick snapshot of exactly how much progress every student is making on a daily basis.

Thank you

The Daily Progress Tracker would show the exact bubble and which Lesson they started on and which bubble they finished that day. For example, a student starts the day on Unit 3 Lesson 15 bubble #3 and finished that day on Unit 3 Lesson 15 bubble #8

This would be nice! They did add a drop down next to each student’s name in the teacher dashboard that shows how much time each student was active on code.org for each day. That has been useful although sometimes not always completely accurate??
Screenshot 2022-03-11 110823.png - Google Drive

Yes, but that drop down ONLY show time spent in minutes and NOT the PROGRESS made. A student can log in and do nothing for 20 minutes and it will say
20 minutes spent on that lesson when they spent 0 minutes and completed nothing

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You can submit your suggestion to support. They track these suggestions and use them to help guide iterations of the curriculum.

I use performance on formative assessments to give me information about the student’s work habits. I would choose a bubble to give a grade on (often the purple bubbles). If the student wasn’t able to complete the bubble or could not complete it correctly, and this data showed up often, I’d research how they were spending their time. Work habits definitely shows up on the larger interim assessments usually in the challenge sections (like draw a scene or image from shapes or create an interactive card or side scroller game). I do understand how some teachers might appreciate a more real-time view into students daily habits.