Unit 7 Lesson 15

How can I see the Model Card that students created for their app in Unit 7 Lesson 15?

Hello @tcreager ,
If you’d like to see the work your students have completed, you should be able to access it through the dashboard. If you click on the class you can see all of the work students have completed. You can sort by lesson to make it easier too. Here’s a support article that has some helpful screenshots in it too.

Good afternoon - Yes I am aware of the dashboard and teacher panel. I can definitely see their apps but I am looking for the Model Cards that each student created as part of the first level in U7 Lesson 15. From the Model Cards they were able to import their data sets and build their apps. I was wondering if I could see how detailed their model card was. Do you know how to find them? Thanks so much for your help!


I don’t believe that data is saved, but I have a question in with a code.org employee who was involved in creating this unit and I’ll respond back here if I find any other information.


I’m wondering if you look at their apps in the lesson rather than through the dashboard could you see it where it was imported in the design tab? My students aren’t working on this so I don’t have a class to experiment with right now. I’m just spit ballin’. Sorry if I misunderstood your original question. Hopefully @mwood will get some more concrete answers for us.

Hey @tcreager ,

I can give you a definitive answer to this: no, you are not able to view the Model Card information on a student’s app along with the rest of their code. I know this isn’t ideal, but it’s the way these features are currently designed. If you’d like to see this changed, I’d recommend emailing support@code.org so our engineers can re-prioritize working on this feature.

In the meantime, the activity guides and project guides throughout the unit are designed to have students record their Model Card information so they can turn this in to you. That way, when it comes time for you to assess them, you can hopefully look at the information they’ve written on their written guides. We also try to encourage students to include model information within the apps themselves, making it easier for any user to evaluate the model they used to create their app. Hopefully that helps with your current situation and verifying student work.

Dan - Code.org Curriculum Writer

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