Game lab teacher dashboard change

Love the new “drop down” feature on the teacher dashboard when I check my student’s progress in game lab. BUT… I used to be able to open each student’s progress when I right click on their name. Now it opens to the curriculum overview and I need to scroll & click a few more times to get the specific student. LOts of additional mouse clicks are now needed which adds up over time. Can it go back to when choosing the student’s name it goes right to that students progress?


I’m not quite sure what you’re seeing … can you maybe share a screenshot? I went to my dashboard and clicked on a section and then on the Progress Tab. It shows me the levels they have completed. When I click on a single student name, it takes me to the page that shows all of the units and lessons for the course and shows which levels that student has completed.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are saying somewhere.

The drop down I see on that page shows me how much time they’ve spent and the last date they worked on each level. Are you seeing something different?

Let us know!


I am having the same issue and now it is not updating so it’s showing work saved 7 days ago and I can no longer see the work my students are currently doing when I check their progress through the dashboard.

I would suggest emailing and see if they are aware of it. I’m not quite sure what’s happening as it is working for me.

Good luck!


Here is a screencast of the issue. Maybe it makes it more clear. Will send to support as well.

Thanks! I am glad you sent it to support. I’m not sure what their holiday schedule is, but if you don’t hear back right away, i’m sure they will eventually respond.


But I noticed if students don’t close the tab of at the end of the class session the new “timer” continues to record and the time is recorded for the entire time the tab is open.

I can certainly tell the students to close their tab at the end of the class, but is there some sort of feature that could also be added behind the scenes to time out after a certain time or after a period of inactivity?

Looks like something else you could contact and have them look at it. The developers aren’t on the forum and the best way to get something to them is to email it and then it gets added to their radar.



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