Tracking progress through puzzles in Course A-F



When a student skips a puzzle they don’t like, the progress age in the teacher dashboard sorts that student based upon the last level (puzzle) in the stage they completed. It would be great if the progress report had the option of sorting students and displaying progress via a weighted number system instead. Completion of the puzzle in the most efficient manner could be represented by a full score, and each level of completion or skipping of the puzzle thereafter would be represented by some portion of a score. For example 100%, 75%, 50% and 0% for puzzles that are completed most efficiently, completed but not using the concept entirely, attempted but not completed, and skipped respectively. As a teacher of computer science to all grades 1-5th, that would allow me to quickly see a much more accurate representation of the progress my students are actually making rather than just quickly seeing who has skipped ahead the farthest.


I’ll mention this to the engineers. Thanks!


@kiki I love your videos. You are so excited and have so much fun with the lessons. I watch your videos before teaching to remind me of the lesson plan and to get me pumped up to teach. #fangirl


Awe, I love to hear that :smiley:

You’re the reason I get so excited!


I would like to see the date the students completed the progress it would help me with pacing in future classes.


Yes, that would be helpful as well. Then you could see if a student rushed though lessons 3 and 4 but took 2 weeks to get through lesson 5. That might indicate that they are not grasping the concepts in 5 and need a little more help with that lesson.