How to download student progress?


Dear colleagues, We have got a nice roster of student where you see animated progress under Student Accounts and Progress. I am sure may needed to get it as a downloadable spreadsheet file showing student name and the status of each puzzle they had to solve throughout the assigned course.

Is there any easy way to do that? If not, I will have to go through each and every student and create a spreadsheet by hand :frowning:


At the moment, we don’t recommend using student progress to assess grades for Courses 1-4. Progress is just not a great way of understanding what students learn. For this reason, we don’t have a data export.

We are working on a better system, but in the meantime, it might be a better idea to give students a quiz to see if they can pick out the right block for a given situation. This will give you far more information about how well students are understanding the concepts, and won’t put students will missed CS days at risk of coming off as uneducated.


Dear Kiki, thanks for our response. Indeed, more individual approach is better, but sometimes we need some quantitative approximation, where this would come handy. Look forward for your new tool. Many thanks from Azerbaijan.


I would like to add my vote: such functionality would be very useful.
Now I digitize the graphical informations from the website. It is a great waste of time.

Robert from Poland