Is there a way to download student progress to print as a whole class?

Is there a way to download student progress to print to shat whole class progress? Seams like I can only view and write down?




Thanks for writing in! We unfortunately have no such current feature for printing progress, but you’re not alone in such a request for print-friendly progress reports that can be shared with parents or administrators. We hope to include such features in the future - in the meantime, if you’d like to print off progress reports, we’d recommend taking a screenshot of the ‘view progress’ page (specifically screenshotting what content you want printed) and pasting it into a document for printing. Hope this helps!

Sorry, but it doesn’t really help. Any chance of adding a CSV dump of, for example, one of the unit progress screens from AP CSP? Would make our jobs much easier!


Hey there Josh… any movement on this? I am managing a school-wide HOC activity and need to be able to compile completion stats across three different courses/sections and this feature would be VERY valuable.

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I do not believe that there have been any new tools created to help download all student progress yet. At the time Josh suggested it may be coming, that was right before the pandemic hit and once the pandemic hit, all hands were used to create content and pivot so teachers could do distance learning, so some of those projects were pushed forward.

If you want to suggest that as a priority feature, you could email as they prioritize future development based on those requests.


This is also something that I am looking for as well. I am just getting started using with my students, but need an easier way to track student progress.

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I am in charge of the whole school - 430 students. I would like to be able to print reports of each class. I know my administration is going to want some data on those that have completed the program and those that have not including what they are still missing. It is too much time for me to create an excel or sheets because I would end up having to update the progress. Please make this a priority!
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Has anyone found a workaround for this issue? Is anyone good at writing Google Chrome extensions? There is an extension that someone created to be able to download student progress from Desmos activities

This is very similar to what we need from Code-org. I wish I knew how. Anyone?

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