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I run a coding club fro students in grades 5-8 in Pittsburgh, PA. I wanted to know if anyone knows if it is possible to create a printable progress report for the students to take home. I want them to be able to see their progress and share it will their parents or whomever. If I can’t run a report like this through the tools it would be great to get some ideas on how you all do it outside of the software.




Thanks for writing! We unfortunately have no such current feature for printing progress, but you’re not alone in such a request for print-friendly progress reports that can be shared with parents or administrators. We hope to include such features in the future - in the meantime, if you’d like to print off progress reports, we’d recommend taking a screenshot of the ‘view progress’ page (specifically screenshotting what content you want printed) and pasting it into a document for printing. Hope this helps!

Has there been any work done on this? With distance learning this would help keep me organized with the 12 classes that I am teaching using your courses. And thanks for being here during this time, what an incredible resource!

I am also in need of printable progress reports - any thoughts Looks like questions on this request are being neglected.

Hello! Thanks for checking in on this and for the feedback about the progress view. Printable / downloadable reports are still on our list of improvements we’d like to make to our progress reporting, but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get to it yet for individual students and all courses.

In case this helps, we do have a Standards report that summarizes class progress on lessons and CSTA standards for CS Fundamentals courses (see here), but that view doesn’t show progress by individual student or individual level, and is only available for CSF 2019 and 2020 courses.

We’d love to hear more about how you’d use the printable / downloadable version of the Progress view so we can make sure we are meeting the needs of your classroom when we are able to build this. Can you share more about what information you’d want to see in that PDF and how you’d use it?

The Progress tab is an area we hear a lot of feedback about (particularly in remote learning situations), so we’ve also got a few other improvements we’re investigating based on feedback we’ve received. These changes include:

(1) Sharing more information about how students are working on levels (ex: time spent on the level, number of attempts to solve the level, date the level was last worked on, etc.) so teachers have more insight into what their students are doing;
(2) Reflecting teacher feedback in the progress view and adding some basic validation to non-validated levels (levels without a single specific solution) so teachers and students can more easily see when non-validated levels need more work by a student; and
(3) Providing a way for teachers to see just what students did in the last week or the last few days rather than only offering an ‘all time’ view of student progress in a particular course.

Feel free to comment on whether or not these changes would be helpful to you, and please share any other changes we could make to improve the usefulness of this view!


Mainly, I’d like an easy way to see all of the activities for each student so that I can easily add grades to my LMS (Canvas). A downloadable csv or excel file would be best, but even if you can make the visible green/purple bubble window more efficient so that I can see all of the progress on one page (perhaps eliminate the big bubbles in the teacher view and make something that uses less real estate on the page).
Other tools (like Quizizz) are easy - I download the student scores, then transfer them to my Canvas csv input file, and upload to Canvas.

I found the spot where you can download a CSV of assessment or survey in a unit in the Assessments/Surveys tab. I can see all the assessments in the lesson by downloading “All teacher feedback in the unit”. I would like to see more options so I can see the individual lesson assessments by themselves! When I am going through leaving feedback, I can’t see which student I am leaving feedback for and there is no icon or anything that lets me know if I’ve left feedback when on the Progress tab. Downloading ALL feedback is the only way I’ve found to see all the feedback I’ve given in one place.

Number 1 would be so helpful.
Emailing the student with the feedback would be awesome.

I have over 200 hundred students, so having a way to assign a grade to a level and have it be able to be transferred to Google classroom or Infinite Campus directly would save me an unbelievable amount of time. It would be great to be able to do this on all levels not just the assessment levels.

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