ES6 Support in AppLab

I’ve noticed that ES6 does not appear to work in AppLab or GameLab. Are there any plans to add support for ES6? I would like to teach the latest JavaScript syntax to some of my advanced students (but have them work in the same environment as everyone else if possible).


I know this is an old post, but I’ll echo it to bump the topic. I have an advanced student working on a cool idea in App Lab that would actually be useful as a CS teaching tool, but it’s pretty awkward not being able to use ES6 features. We’re finding workarounds, which is admittedly fun for now, but at some point I do hope the site can transition to modern JavaScript.

Thank you for this feedback. It would be a good idea to provide this feedback to

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App Lab uses a Javascript interpreter written in Javascript. That interpreter is ES5 and is unlikely to change, let alone be actively maintained.

Code would need to find a newer replacement with the same functionality. That functionality includes single stepping. A tall order.

But I do agree with asking for it anyway. Maybe we could get a new version that runs Python.

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