JavaScript Recommendations

I have some students who prefer typing their code in JavaScript instead of using the blocks. Does anyone have resources that you would recommend for me as a teacher to use with these students?

Thank you!

Hello @patricia.mcgowan

I have students like that. It kind of depends on what you want them to do, but a few things. One is the Documentation of all the code. This can be overwhelming if they are just wanting to do some minor tweaking of their projects, but at this link, you can find a large number of javascript commands that can be used in either text or block mode while in GameLab.

Also, the javascript taught in GameLab also includes some outside libraries under the hood, most notably the “processing” library. I found that Khan Academy has some tutorials for drawing and creating animations with JS and Processing. You can access those lessons here. I think this is good for a student who is a fast finisher and who wants more challenges, but it’s fairly basic, so I feel it’s not just advanced students who could benefit from it.

Hopefully some other teachers will chime in with their suggestions. I know there’s a lot out there!


Thank you Mike! I had seen the JS course in Khan Academy. There are so many resources available online that it can be overwhelming. I would love to hear more suggestions as well so I can see what would be best for my overachieving kiddos.