ESOL Students-Help


Good morning everyone,

I have a new set of students this semester and I have several Spanish speakers. When setting up their accounts, are they able to receive all the lessons and worksheets in Spanish? I am required to offer both. If so, how do I do that?

Thank you so much.


I believe the only language support that exists is the actual website in different languages. The way I know of changing languages is from the home page, scroll to the very bottom, the bottom-right corner has a drop-down menu with a list of languages.

However, it looks to translate mostly some links and buttons, not so much the content of the site, so it doesn’t translate lesson content and certainly not the worksheets.

Interesting that you are required to offer lesson content in Spanish. Maybe it depends on the state and/or district, but I believe in California we’re technically (again, technically) not supposed to teach in the student’s native language - instead we’re required to use specific English Learner teaching strategies (“SDAIE”). The exception is bilingual classes, for example if the class is part of the school’s Mandarin immersion program or something.